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Laura Edgell

"Joining the Heath Massive Run Club was a fantastic decision- I’ve found it easier and more enjoyable to run longer distances regularly with the support of other runners, I’ve made new friends, and have entered events which I might not have done otherwise. The team spirit and camaraderie is amazing and everyone is so helpful and supportive. There is great coaching support too and plenty of variety in the sessions. A brilliant club!"

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Philip Brett


I joined Heath Massive in May 2019 when I had only run by myself and sometimes with one friend.


I have really enjoyed being in the group, and it has been a big help being able to regularly chat with people similarly interested in improving their performances to get advice on pacing, injury recovery, appropriate gear, interesting running routes, and other techniques to improve my running. I almost certainly wouldn't have picked up some of these by myself.


My personal bests over 5k and 10k distances have improved significantly since joining, but I have never hit a personal best time on a club run, and I don't expect to as this isn't the purpose of them. 


The Heath Massive club runs are about getting the distance in and tackling different aspects of running to improve speed on the race days, and also increasing endurance to be able to run the longer distances and different terrain types.

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