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Members Statements

Spiro Pezaros


Coaching Assistant  in Running Fitness, Qualified by Welsh Athletics 

Spiro said: "Running is my haven, its not about competing, nor is it about finishing at record time!  For me it's about keeping fit and clearing my mind from everyday stress.  With the Heath massive run club I'm able to coach and enjoy running at the same time.  It's fantastic to see that everyone loves running for different reasons and to discover their motivation.



Club member

Steve said: “For me the HMRC is my other family, like minded individuals who enjoy the banter, the camaraderie and the buzz you get when you finish the run or race along side a friend who has been by your side through all weathers supporting each other to reach that goal / finish line.”

Steve Alecock
Mike Davies


Club Secretary

Mike said: "I can hardly believe how quickly it’s become such an important part of my life,  just over a year ago for me there was no Heath Massive or British Military Fitness, now it’s hard to believe the change. I don’t ever see myself quitting and I only want the best for the club and everyone in it. I’ve run and exercised in the past, but this is different, life affirming doesn’t do it justice"


Club member

Sahar said: "Its an opportunity for me to improve my fitness levels and be with my friends at the same time in a friendly and welcoming environment. As cheesy as it sounds, its a very important part of my life"

Sahar Fridani
Jayne Powling


Club member

Jayne said: "Knowing on a Sunday morning I’m going to be getting up and running with the most amazing people has been a life line. Not only exercising but being with dear friends is priceless"


Club member

Michelle said: “I love sharing a weekly run with a group of people that were strangers in January 2018 when I joined, but who are now a group of very good friends who encourage & motivate me to keep on going & enjoying”

Michelle Noble-Boyce
Paul Bennett


Club member

Paul has worked so hard and has improved massively over the last couple of months.  His running has come on nicely.
Paul said: “Fitness and Fellowship with some really great people. Absolutely the second best way to spend a Sunday morning.”


Club member

Judit said: “I started attending Heath Massive run club 2 years ago. Before that, I usually went running on my own. Everyone was really welcoming and they showed me that running doesn't have to be a lonely thing. I have made really good friends here, people with similar goals, interests and motivation. They've supported me to become better. Joining the club was one of my best decisions!”

Judit Csontos
Elizabeth Little


Club member 

Liz said: “Friends....even though we don't know each other super well, there is a sense of belonging...we all have each others backs....we all support each promotes confidence in us all”


Club member 

Club member 

Mandy said: Returning to running after an absence of nearly 18 months due to a diagnoses of cancer, major surgery, then after a brief return to general fitness training sustaining a serious Tendon Achilles injury was a daunting prospect.I had in 2016 ran with the Heath Massive Run Club, and knew a number of the members and comradery of the group, I decided to return. Starting with the couch to 5K in January 2018, my confidence and ability grow, enabling me to run the Cardiff Half Marathon and achieve a personal best (PB) Spiro provides a kind, positive, encouraging attitude as a coach which is seen in all the members of the group. My aim in 2019 is to improve on my PB at the Cardiff Half Marathon with the support of Heath Massive Run Club.

Mandy Jarvis
Dom Ballisat

Dom Ballisat

Club member 

Dom Said: For me, the heath massive are a community first and a run club second. With expertise in almost all areas and runners of all ability, it's a family of friends and incredibly welcoming. What I love most is they accommodate for every level and it's always enjoyable no matter how often you train

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